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No, Simon, There Should Be Nothing You ‘Cannot Say’…

September 19, 2011 10 Comments

Liverpool are investigating striker Nathan Eccleston for comments on Twitter that suggested the 11 September attacks were not the work of terrorists. /facepalm A tweet that has since been taken down said: “I ain’t going to say attack don’t let the media make u believe that was terrorist that did it. #OTIS.”OTIS reportedly stands for Only the Illuminati Succeed. It’s the Illuminati behind it now? I can’t keep up…. A…

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Helping reduce Islamaphobia….. not

September 12, 2011 8 Comments

I’d never, ever suggest that they should be banned from doing this or that free speech should be ‘lightly restrained’ in order to make that possible (though Christ knows speech in the UK is not free anyway), but what the hell do these guys think they’re going to achieve by doing this, especially that day of all days? A number of radical Islamic groups including Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) gathered…

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As Voltaire said, those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities

September 10, 2011 43 Comments

At the 10 year anniversary of 9.11, I have to come out and admit that I just don’t believe the official version of events; I don’t see how the evidence justifies the account that was used as the launch pad to fight two wars off of – not to mention what has become known as “kinetic military action” in Pakistan and Yemen, which receives little notice in corporate media no matter how…

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The Inconvenient Anniversary…

September 9, 2011 7 Comments

Jonathan Freedland thinks it’s time we all put 9/11 behind us: When the artist Art Spiegelman told his story of 9/11 in a graphic novel, he called it In the Shadow of No Towers. It was an arresting thought, the gloom cast not by the twin peaks of the World Trade Centre but by their absence. We have been living in that shadow for the last 10 years – but…

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Remembering those important dates

September 9, 2011 13 Comments

* Bad language warning: in this post I live up to my name and include a Penn & Teller clip – the F-bomb will be dropped * This weekend marks a date we’ll all be expected to remember. The papers will be full of it, it’ll be mentioned on every news and current affairs show, the blogosphere will no doubt add its contribution (and in a way this post is…

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Hate in a cold climate

And here we go. “At Utoeya, the water is still being searched for more victims,” deputy police chief Roger Andresen told reporters. “We have no more information than… what has been found on [his] own websites, which is that it goes towards the right and that it is, so to speak, Christian fundamentalist.” It’s still only Saturday morning as I start writing this so the truth behind the awful facts…

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May 27, 2011 11 Comments

Click for linky Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur nails it yet again, as does with a list of four reasons why instead of treating terrorists like evil masterminds and making getting on a plane ten times as big a pain in the arse as it needs to be we should actually be laughing ourselves silly at them. A lot of people have a strong interest in portraying terrorists as dedicated,…

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Bin Laden is dead, but he’s still fighting

May 4, 2011 4 Comments

No, he’s not a zombie, but we’re still spending ridiculous sums of money fighting the war on a vague sense of unease and it’s clear from statements made by Obama, Cameramong and others in the last day and a half that finally having slotted Bin Laden doesn’t mean bringing back soldiers or winding down on the security theatre. If anything, they tell us, it means the opposite because of the…

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